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Meet our team of Project Controls Professionals and discover their specialisations. Our professionals work together to deliver practical solutions that go beyond just 'planning'. We support you in turning your project visions into successful realisations. Get to know our team members below!

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We hire character because we believe that skills can be trained. 

With us, it's all about you! We like strong characters, encourage innovation and there are always opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally.

Whether you are in our talent development programme and discovering your passion here or you have already found your passion and want to specialise further. Whether you want to explore training, software or other opportunities within PROCON. We've got options for every stage of your professional journey. This is your chance to make a real impact in the wonderful world of project management.

Do you feel like we are a match? Fantastic! Fill in the form or give Paul a call to discuss the opportunities.